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Transportation assistance for those who need it

Posted on October 12, 2011 Debbi Harvie, Pictou Advocate

It took a lot of work and a strong group of people but Travis Gunn, chairman of Central Highlands Association of the Disabled Transit, says they are moving along right on track.
Approximately 16 months ago, Ron Levy, founder of CHAD Transit, decided he was ready for retirement. But there was no succession plan for the service which ran out of his home.
The time has come, however, and the necessary changes have been made to ensure CHAD Transit will continue its current path.
Travis Gunn recently took over as chairman of the association while the first paid position of operations supervisor was allotted to Danny MacGillivray.
“We have now been in our new location at 980 East River Road for one full week,” explains Gunn. “And we plan to be there the next six to eight months.”
When the association had its annual general meeting in June, three goals were identified as immediate concerns: finding funding for the first year, hiring a new operations supervisor and moving out of Levy’s home.
“All of these things have now been accomplished,” says Gunn. “And with that done, it’s time to officially hand over the association.”
This was done last Thursday when the board of 14 members met to discuss their future goals.
“Right now the plan is to work at the board level on developing a strategic plan,” says Gunn.
The plan will involve community consultations to define agreed upon needs in Pictou County for CHAD Transit.
“We want to determine a direction and come up with a plan that fits the community,” explains Gunn.
“Once that is done we will work on awareness in the community.”
In terms of any changes that have taken place with CHAD Transit, they have all been operational, not affecting the service.
“We are excited because there were some unknowns in terms of the transition, but we have the proper candidates on the board and a new structure as well as our funding for the year which we weren’t sure if we would have but things have fallen into place and we are moving along,” says Gunn.
As thanks for all of Levy’s work with the organization over the years, he was awarded a lifetime pass for CHAD Transit for himself and his wife as well as a small token of appreciation from the board.
“I’m sure you’ll progress,” said Levy addressing the board. “We have a quality board and an educated group of people here. Thank you for your show of appreciation.”


"CHAD Bus is a marvellous service with very polite and courteous drivers who will even help carry groceries into my house.  The dispatch does everything possible to fit me into their busy schedule.  The buses are always clean and feel very safe to drive in.  Overall, it is a much needed service that I, and Pictou County, couldn’t do without.  I would be housebound without CHAD."
Jean, Physically Disabled Living in Trenton

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